Mexican Food & Culture

Mexican food has its origins in Mexico, but some of the Mexican food we find in restaurants boasting a Mexican food menu, are anything but that. This food has been "Americanized," a word referred to as, "bringing American culture to Mexican cuisine."  Though a few Americans may appreciate this evolution, most people want the pure authentic Mexican taste of real Mexican food, which has not been changed to please the few who only want a little of Mexico. Casa Lopez and his family understand the difference in real Mexican food and the Americanized version. They bring not only their expertise in capturing the real authentic taste of Mexico in their food, but also bring a lot of their culture with them too. When you come into their Mexican food restaurant, you will immediately see the difference between real authentic Mexican and the cheaper imitations. On the walls, you will find the remnants of Mexican culture, artwork, and memorabilia. You can even have a Coconut water drink from the soda vending area, to make your experience complete. 


If you are looking for restaurants in Imboden, Arkansas, you don't have to drive any further than Casa Lopez Mexican Grill.  Located just off Highway 63, on W. 3rd Street in Imboden, the folks at Casa Lopez Mexican Grill know how to treat you.  With the finest authentic Mexican food this side of the border, and the best customer service, they rate high on the list of excellent restaurants in the Imboden, Arkansas area.

If you live in Pocahontas, make the short drive to Imboden to enjoy the real taste of authentic Mexican, plus the down home friendliness of Orlando and the rest of his fine staff.


For a real taste of authentic Mexican food, make the short drive to Imboden, Arkansas to visit Casa Lopez. Check out all their specials on their main site at